Darkhorsestock dashboard a unique analytical tool available for only serious investors who want to invest in stock market. The dashboard feature provide access to -:

  • List of all the stocks suggested in past 2 years along with its recommended price.
  • Daily top 5 gainers and losers.
  • All time top 5 gainers and losers.
  • Pie chart showing total number of stocks suggested from specific Sector.
  • Pie Chart Showing total number of stocks that are Positive or Negative after suggested
  • Bar chart showing stocks giving returns in range of -30% to above 50%
  • Customised mobile view also available.

The data feed is updated on the Live Market basis.
(Currently due to heavy operating cost for the dashboard this feature is limited to selected users only. For more info write us at support@darkhorsestocks.in)

Upcoming Features-:

Check out mockup of the upcoming dashboard.


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