Darkhorsestocks in educational service provided by us which includes presenting one company idea along with relevant/introductory information about the company which is filtered from the large pool of data based on the various suitable parameters indicating fundamental stability and consistent growth opportunities . This should in no way be taken as an Investment advice. It is neither a recommendation/advisory service nor a research service.
The idea provided is a mere introduction about the company and its workings. It is presented with a view to educate users on some key aspects such as-:

  • How to carry on fundamental research ?
  • What aspects to consider while performing research?
  • What are some of the driving factors?
  • How does the economic cycle affect the growth of the company?
  • What are the important valuation parameters to look up?
  • How to compare the company fundaments with that of industry averages?
And many more.
DARKHORSESTOCKS is a Non SEBI registered educational service


Fundalitics is a Mutual Fund Database. Data is fed into Fundalitics available from various different Public sources about Mutual Fund Schemes, Holdings, Sectorial Holdings etc. Further with this data various different kinds of reports are generated which is used in Research and Analysis.

Currently Fundalitics covers more than 200 schemes spread across 21 fund houses on a monthly basis. Reports of various types and also for each individual schemes are generated month on month basis. This reports generated are emailed to the subscribers to help them carry their own analysis.


We want to reach a wider audience and provide them with access to the data therebyhelping them understand and analyze financial reports helping them make their own investment decisions from what they have learnt and the data available making them advisory independent.
We also want to harness the computational power and foster in to Artificial Intelligence by mapping out data with the live market analysis which would further enhanced to create automatic trading algorithms

Our Team


Bhavik looks after all the data presented in various darkhorsestock reports. He works on presenting data in an informative manner which can help users understand data in quick and easy way. Bhavik has done Bachelors of Bussiness Administration and is currently pursuing MBA.


Dhruv is looks after the website. He has designed the entire site as per the requirements presented. Dhruv has done diploma in COMPUTER ENGINEERING from govemment polytechnic, Ahmedabad and is currently pursuing Bachelors of Computer Engineering from LDRP-ITR, Gandhinagar.


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